Artists News Hande Subaşı is bored with the allegations about her!

Hande Subaşı is bored with the allegations about her!


Famous actress Hande Subaşı has not been involved in projects for a while. The actress, who came to the agenda with her love with Alican Ulusoy, reacted greatly due to various claims coming to the magazine’s agenda.

In addition to the claims made in the past months that she will marry Alican Ulusoy, this time she came up with the claims that she was pregnant and that her lover did not want the baby.

Answering the questions of TV100, the actress made it clear that this claim was not true. Subaşı, “An ugly, rudely and degrading news has been published. We are not a living couple in mind. Also, we have never hidden our relationship. Our relationship is very good, we are happy,” she said.

She, who explains that they leave everything in time in their relationships, is uncomfortable that the issues that do not pass between them are the agenda. Subaşı said, “The news of marriage and engagement also bothered us. All this is very sad …”