The new doctor series is coming! The start date of the Kasaba Doktoru series has been announced!
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4 February 2023 11:19


The new doctor series is coming! The start date of the Kasaba Doktoru series has been announced!

It turned out that the broadcast date of the highly anticipated Kasaba Doktoru (meaning: Town Doctor) series on the TRT1 screen is on Friday, April 8th. In the announcement made by TRT1, it was reported that the first episode of the series will meet with the audience on Friday, April 8 at 20:00. After this announcement, things got very confused.

The Friday competition, which includes Aziz, Arka Sokaklar, Kaderimin Oyunu, Aşk Mantık İntikam will now get tougher. The final decision of the Fox TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam ( Love Logic Revenge) will be made and it will meet with the audience for the last time on April 22. With the arrival of the Kasaba Doktoru series, you will witness a great rating competition on Friday evenings.

In addition, the series Aşkın Yolculuğu Hacı Bayram-ı Veli, which was broadcast on TRT1 and planned as 26 episodes, lost its place due to low ratings. Despite being a successful production, the series did not attract the attention of the audience.

TRT1’s bringing the Kasaba Doktoru series to Friday shows that there will be a period in which a new competition begins for other channels.

In the rich cast of the highly anticipated series; Ozan Akbaba, Deniz Can Aktaş, Hazal Subaşı, Sinan Albayrak, Barış Yıldız, Özgün Karaman, Sinan Demirer, Barış Yalçın, Tarık Uğur Özenbaş, Özgür Cem Tuğluk, Alptekin Ertürk, Sultan Ulutaş, Fatih Yücebağ and Vildan Atasever.

In ‘Kasaba Doktoru’, the talented and promising Ömer (Deniz Can Aktaş), who decided to become a doctor after losing his father, and the legendary surgeon Kemal (Ozan Akbaba), who devoted himself to saving lives, will cross paths in a town hospital far from the city.

In this town hospital, which brings together Kemal Hoca, Ömer and the idealistic doctor Leyla (Hazal Subaşı), the determined struggle of three doctors who do their best to help people will be revealed.

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