Hang tight, amazing things will happen in Yasak Elma!
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27 November 2022 16:00


Hang tight, amazing things will happen in Yasak Elma!

The Yasak Elma series continues on Fox TV and is one of the most important productions of the Monday competition. The new episodes of the series, which meet with the audience in the new season on Monday evenings with the Kalp Yarası series, are eagerly awaited. The series won first place in all categories, leaving its rivals behind. This drew attention as a great success for a production that is in its 5th season.

The competitors of the Yasak Elma series will also be on the screen soon and we will watch a big rating race. On the TRT1 screen, the broadcast date of the TV series Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu was announced as Monday, November 8th. So the competition starts in November. In addition, the countdown has begun for Show TV’s new series, Üç Kuruş. This production is expected to meet the audience in November.

It is also discussed what the Yasak Elma series can do against Kalp Yarası, Alparslan and Üç Kuruş. Just at this time, a word from Murat Aygen, who has just joined the series, attracted attention. Both the technical team and some of the players of Yasak Elma came together at a celebration dinner. Murat Aygen used an interesting expression at the dinner organized by producer Fatih Aksoy after the series won the first place.

When journalists asked if there was anything new in the story, Şevval Sam said, “This is Yasak Elma, anything can happen at any moment.”

Murat Aygen, who plays the character of Doğan, said, “I have great information. Unbelievable things are going to happen, shall I tell you?” After saying that, his teammates immediately cut him off.

Even this statement made by Murat Aygen as a joke indicates that very different developments may occur in the later parts of the series and that many absurd events may occur.

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