Happy ending in Şahmaran series will open new opportunities for Burak Deniz!
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6 December 2022 08:10


Happy ending in Şahmaran series will open new opportunities for Burak Deniz!

The Netflix series called Şahmaran will meet with the audience on January 20, 2023. The announcement of the date after a long time pleased many. The first season of the series, starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Burak Deniz duo, was shot in the autumn of last year.

The audience, who had been waiting for a long time after the shootings in Adana, received the good news that they would finally get the series in January.

Seranay Sarıkaya also criticized that Şahmaran’s shooting took a long time to be published. The famous actor touched on this issue last week and said that he was also looking forward to the release date. Finally, the explanation from Netflix put everyone at ease.

Burak Deniz explained the details about the second season of the series. The crew of the series, which has been shooting in Adana since September, went back to Adana after a break due to technical problems.

Burak Deniz announced that the shootings in Adana for the second season of the Şahmaran series have been completed. The actor explained that some scenes will be shot in Istanbul and thus the second season will be completed.

The famous actor said, “We have a two-day shoot left. We finished Adana, now we are in Istanbul,” he said. Burak Deniz, who tells that he is in the resting period and has some work to discuss, may soon give his fans a new surprise.

The fans of the actor, who attracted great attention with the TV series Maraşlı last season, are eagerly awaiting his return to a television series.

Burak Deniz also wants to return to the sets if there is a project he likes, by evaluating the proposals after the completion of the shooting of Şahmaran.

Burak Deniz, explaining that they have very good friendships with Serenay Sarıkaya, attributed their being compared to each other to their good communication.

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