Duy Beni is over, but he opened the door to fame for young actor Utku Coşkun!
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2 December 2022 11:09


Duy Beni is over, but he opened the door to fame for young actor Utku Coşkun!

The Duy Beni  (Hear Me) series, which made its finale with the 20th episode of Star TV, ended, but it opened the door to new projects in the sector for many young actors.

One of these actors was Utku Coşkun, who successfully portrayed “Ozan”, one of the most overbearing characters in the series.

Duy Beni series has great meaning for Coşkun because the series is the first project of the actor on television.

The actor, who appeared before the lens for the November issue of All Magazine Magazine, said in an interview with the magazine; He drew attention with his confession that “I am sometimes surprised that I have the courage to go under such a complex character in my first job”.

Stating that Duy Beni taught him a lot, the young actor said, “It looks like he will continue to teach. Even though I doubt myself and sometimes I don’t believe it, I tried my best to greet each new day with hope and I continue to do so.”

The overbearing Ozan of the “Duy Beni” series is ready to climb the ladder of success in pairs with his self-aware steps, maturity and energy in real life.

Utku Coşkun, who focuses on acting, said that his family always supported him in acting, and used the following statements:

“It is difficult to be an artist in every country in the world. In addition to aesthetic concerns, financial concerns are added and some days pass by wandering like a soul. Of course, I had a few chances in this process; For example, my family, my passion for playing, being in the right place at the right time…”

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