Akın Akınözü fans went crazy when they saw the ratings! Reality is lost, rebellion is growing
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2 December 2022 13:14


Akın Akınözü fans went crazy when they saw the ratings! Reality is lost, rebellion is growing

Tuzak (The Trap) series is broadcast on tv8 on Wednesday evenings, and those who watch the series share comments stating that everything is very good, but they cannot figure out what the problem is because the ratings are so low.

Tuzak was a series that made Akın Akınözü return to the television screen, and Bensu Soral, with his successful performance, this time received support instead of negative criticism.

Akın Akınözü, who plays a character who is defeated by his feelings in the midst of a revenge story in the character of lawyer Umut in the series, whose story is very popular, does a very successful job.

Judging by the comments of the series fans on social media, there is no problem in terms of story, actors, excitement and fluency. But when this is the case, how come the ratings are so low?

The 6th episode of the trap series is behind and low rates are coming that no one could have predicted before.

The fans of the Tuzak series, who rebelled against the rating system, commented that everything was fine, but they could not make sense of the low rating.

Those who see the low ratings go crazy, the support for the series is increasing, but this is not enough to cover the truth. Tuzak has fallen behind in its Wednesday competition and audience interest isn’t good enough either.

The 6th episode of the Tuzak series was only able to take the twenty-first place in all people. This is not an acceptable situation at all.

The series finished the day fifteenth in the AB and thirteenth in ABC1. The job of the Tuzak series is very difficult this season, with ratings well below the average in all categories.

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