Series News Harsh reaction to the ban on Turkish serials

Harsh reaction to the ban on Turkish serials


Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Chairman Öztürk Oran, Dubai-based media group, has been harshly criticizing MBC’s decision to stop showing the Turkish series.

Öztürk Oran said:

“If the attitude was inserted into a rest or Turkey as entrepreneurs we see this picture. The forbidden decision knows us more than we do.

Nobody can prevent people watching these sequences in the age of the Internet, which is why you are so fit. A channel may be closed, but there are many media organizations that publish the Turkish series. Because even the biggest Turkish TV series in this region, and the actual discomfort sympathy to Turkey also stems from this.

By the decision of prohibition, those who are forbidden lose. Because Turkish serials do not only work in the Arabian geography, but in every part of the world, they do serious work, bringing sound, millions are connected to the screens. As long as the Turkish series continues its quality, no one can afford to block Turkish productions. The water flows through the road. To ban our series is to accept to be a less watched channel for them. On the other hand, apart from MBC, there are also significant circles in the sense of appealing to the Arab world. We evaluate them. Making a special broadcast for Turkish productions from the satellite may be an option, of course. “