Artists News The series that was the turning point for Engin Öztürk’s career!

The series that was the turning point for Engin Öztürk’s career!

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The famous actor Engin Öztürk gives life to the character of Barış in the TV series My Home My Destiny. The actor is also on the agenda with the TV series named 50 M2, which started to be broadcast on Netflix as of January 27… The actor, who displayed strong acting performances in both productions, was highly appreciated by his fans.

The actress, who changed the story a lot and deserves to be the leading role after joining the My Home My Destiny on TV8 screen on Wednesday evenings, is now in the foreground in the production after the character of Mehdi, played by İbrahim Çelikkol, falls into the background. It would not be wrong to say that Öztürk’s successful acting also made an important contribution to the series.

Engin Öztürk, who was a guest on Onedio’s youtube channel with his co-star Aybüke Pusat and screenwriter Burak Aksak in 50 M2, also answered the question “Which project was the turning point for your career”. The actor used the expression “I think I will call it Magnificent Century”.

Reminding that the 50 M2 series was shown in 190 countries where Netflix is ​​being broadcast, Öztürk stated that he was impressed by Hollywood movies, and that he could watch 50 M2 in a very different country and be affected, and that this made his dream come true.

Reminding that television actors are used to overseas sales, the actor said, “We are used to broadcasting the work in many countries. But The Magnificent Century is the peak of this in terms of the works I play. “I witnessed him being recognized by an Egyptian in England.”

Engin Öztürk gave life to the character of Şehzade Selim in the Magnificent Century series. Thanks to this role, the actor, who managed to make his name known to the masses, managed to take part in many projects afterwards.