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6 July 2022 04:45


Has the wanted Leyla been found? She shined in Sefirin Kızı, acted in Innocence, is coming to Leyla and Macnun!

Leyla ile Mecnun was one of the phenomenon series of the screens. During the period when it was broadcast on TRT1, its regulars were following the series with curiosity. It continued to be remembered as one of the cult series of the screen even after it was taken off the air. She was loved for her screenplay as well as his acting.

The audience, who learned that the TV series Leyla and Mecnun, which brought together names such as Ali Atay, Cengiz Bozkurt, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Ezgi Asaroğlu, Köksal Engür, Melis Birkan, will be shot again, is now eagerly waiting for the production.

It was heard that Cengiz Bozkurt, who played Erdal Bakkal, one of the phenomenal characters of the only TV series, where Director Onur Ünlü gathered the entire team, did not want to be in the new version. Finally, Onur Ünlü convinced Bozkurt as well.

However, one of the main names of the story remained! Who would be Majnun’s Leyla? Ezgi Asaroğlu first played Leyla in the first version. In the 30th episode, Leyla died in a traffic accident, but Birkan with the same name was included in the series.

Before the shooting of Leyla and Mecnun, whose new version will be published on the digital platform called Exxen, the names of Hazal Kaya and Aslı Enver were spoken for the character of Leyla, but it turned out that another name was in the foreground!

According to the information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş on her twitter account, Deniz Işın, who attracted a lot of attention with her character Sahra in the TV series Sefirin Kızı, and then appeared in the series of Innocence, is being considered for the character of Leyla!

Deniz Işın’s name has not been clarified yet, but it is stated that the 29-year-old actress, whose star has been shining recently, is in talks. Let’s see who will be the famous Leyla in the new version of this popular TV series on the screen.

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