The separation decision in the Innocence will have effects!
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3 October 2022 18:00


The separation decision in the Innocence will have effects!

The series Innocence, which meets with the audience on Wednesday evenings on Fox TV screens, continues on its way with its strong story and impressive cast. It is an important detail that one of the factors that made Hülya Avşar accept the fatigue of working on the television series years later is the beauty of the story.

While Avşar’s daughter stated that she worked with pleasure and that everything was fine in the series, it was not unnoticed that Serkay Tütüncü, who gave life to her son İlker Ilgaz, praised her successful performance. It is especially useful to note immediately the performance of İlayda Alişan in the character of Ela.

İlayda Alişan displays the most impressive performance of her career in the series Innocence. Let us state that Deniz Işın will accompany her from the 6th episode and that the good performances of the 3 young actors are beneficial in carrying the series up.

Innocence continues to get stronger every week thanks to the presence of master names such as Deniz Çakır and Mehmet Aslantuğ as well as Hülya Avşar.

The 6th episode of the series will also be the scene of interesting events. The clashes that turn into a war between Ela and İrem will also activate the new section.

There is also a separation decision in the series, which may cause some changes in the series as of episode 8. Ömür Atay, the founding director of the project, who has done important things in the team so far, will leave. The reason for this separation is a new movie in Germany.

Ömür Atay has exhibited his success with a very good editing and impressive presentation so far. The new director will be Aytaç Çiçek starting from the 8th episode.

One of the issues to be considered is how this separation decision will affect the following episodes of the series.

You can find the trailer for the 6th episode of Innocence, which will be released on Wednesday, March 31, on the video.

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