New decisions that increase excitement in Bitter Lands!
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2 October 2022 09:42


New decisions that increase excitement in Bitter Lands!

Produced by TIMS & B Productions and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, Bitter Lands made a final with a very exciting scene in its 89th episode! The new episode of the series will also be very exciting. The decision of Fikret to show his face in the series will change the course of events enormously. This decision will have consequences, especially for Demir and his immediate surroundings. Fkiret’s decisions regarding Demir are very harsh. A new era is going on in the war between Demir and Fikret… Züleyha and Demir are on their way to becoming a real family. Züleyha started to have a love for Demir for the first time after Yılmaz.

Demir Yaman, who has been struggling with an invisible enemy for weeks in the series, which has been at the peak of Thursday nights for three seasons, once again met him with an ambush! Although Demir Yaman refused, Fikret, born of his father’s relationship with another woman other than his mother, left his passive war for months and showed his face! Fikret, who still remembers that he was put in front of the door by Musa Fekeli, whom his father knew, and fired from Adnan Yaman in the rain when he was a little boy, almost devoted his whole life to this revenge plan!

For years, he remembered his mother’s begging for a roof where they would take shelter, and Demir Yaman, the boy who looked at him and his hole-in-the-hole shoes in the doorway, with pity for his little heart!

Fikret, who first spread Adnan Yaman’s letters on the mansion and then on all the streets of Adana, even planned to blow up the trucks. Neither Fekeli’s sake, Lütfiye’s compassion, nor Müjgan’s love could break Fikret’s resistance. Demir was shocked when the sack on his head was removed where he was kidnapped! In front of him was Fikret, whom Fekeli knew as his nephew! The images in the 90th episode trailer released at the end of the episode also increased the excitement!

Will Fikret tell Demir that he has a brother?

Even if Demir believes that he is his brother, will he accept what has been done?

Will he go to war with his brother?

Will Fekeli be able to afford to learn what Fikret has done?

In its third season, the series is based on a love that passes the tests of passion and bullying in Çukurova, where love is unlimited, fighting is dead, hope is stubborn, with its rich cast; He continues to tell his story, which puts the good through the evil and the bad through the tests of conscience.

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