Series News How many episodes are left to the season finale of Bitter Lands?

How many episodes are left to the season finale of Bitter Lands?

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The period series Bitter Lands, published on ATV screens, continues with its 3rd season. Vahide Perçin and Uğur Güneş, who starred in the new season, left the popular series. Melike İpek Yalova will soon bid farewell to the series. In addition, new names have come and it is predicted that other people will come as well.

Watched with great enthusiasm every Thursday, the 91st episode of the series will be on air tonight. It was clear that the series will continue in season 4 and the audience pulled an ‘oh’ for this reason. ATV has no intention of giving up on the series that makes the channel smile with its ratings.

Another story came to the series with the participation of Hande Soral, Nazal Kesal and Furkan Palalı. The time of the season finale of the series was revealed a short while ago.

Produced by TIMS & B Productions and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, the third season of the series Bitter Lands will make its final in the 100th episode.

So if we do not count the episode tonight, the series will break the season after 9 episodes. As the season goes towards the end, the events are getting more and more excited. This week, there will be interesting developments again.

In the meantime, those who watch the 91st episode 2 promotion of the series seem to watch the summary of 90 episodes in 1 minute. Those who suddenly heard the voice of Hünkar Yaman stated that they were very surprised in their comments on social media. With a nice nostalgia, the introduction of the new episode of the series gives the audience a quick summary.


Fikret, who is preparing to say goodbye to Adana after his mother’s letters are revealed, sees that the letters of departure have decorated the walls! While the child was trying to repair his heart, he announced to all Çukurova that his mother had an extramarital affair! He admits that he is defeated, but it is also very difficult to take both the children’s heart and his love for Müjgan!


Fekeli and Lütfiye, who went to see Demir’s letters that equip the city, realize that the war is not over yet! Demir closed the matter, Fikret is gone, but he decides not to leave Lütfiye Fekeli alone. Because he encounters Müjgan’s hatred of Züleyha and realizes that what he learned from Şermin is true.


The fact that Züleyha and Demir become exemplary couples in both business and love fuel Ümit’s fire of revenge. Actually, in Fikret’s game, which he entered for a completely different revenge, now is the time of revenge for love! However, on the road to revenge, he first confesses before the time comes. To Sevda, who came to warn her to stay away from Demir, she says “I am your daughter”!


When the second is kicked out of the house, Gaffur, who says he is staying in the hills but settled in the small mansion, emerges! Not only does it come out, events escalate when everyone is aware of the situation. Gaffur has no place even in the trenches. Moreover, this time, Seconds also gives up on it for good!

Bitter Lands is at ATV with its new episode on Thursday 20:00.