Two bombs exploded in a row in Bitter Lands!
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2 October 2022 09:38


Two bombs exploded in a row in Bitter Lands!

The story line of Bitter Lands, one of the popular TV series on ATV screens, is so strong and impressive that the audience experiences a new wave of excitement in each new episode. The series, which has very good rating results, is again at the top of Thursday evenings in its 3rd season … Despite the start of the Once Upon a Time Cyprus series last week, the ATV series, which won the first places by a clear margin, continues on its way with sure steps.

In the story of the series, which is expected to complete the 3rd season with its 100th episode and to give it a summer break, there will be developments like bombs. What the viewers had guessed for a long time turned out to be true… The character Ümit, played by Hande Soral, was the daughter of Sevda, played by Nazan Kesal… Actually, this situation was predicted and there were signs. However, in the story, Ümit calls out to her mother’s heart by saying “I am your daughter”… What happened between Ümit and Sevda, why mother and daughter came to this point, will soon take its place in the story of the series as a new subject of curiosity.

Another bomb development is happening with Demir. In the fight between Fikret and Demir, Demir was the winner again and Fikret could not feed it to himself … Fikret, who set up a plan jointly with Ümit, made a sneaky plan to disgrace his brother for all Çukurova …

Demir, who defended his love with Züleyha and decided to continue with his family, also has an issue of Ümit. Demir’s soft belly is actually Ümit… Ümit, who will display what a woman whose dreams are ruined can do, will become one with her ex-lover Fikret and will make Demir’s life a prison. Ümit – Fikret partnership will increase the excitement of the series even more.

Ümit, who is the snake in Demir’s bosom, will show her true face in the 91st episode. Demir, who goes to Ümit, will be photographed in bed by Fikret. If this situation spreads in Çukurova, imagine the apocalypse that will come out… Of course, it is also wondered what Züleyha will do.

It was learned that in addition to these bombs that will explode in the story of the Two bombs exploded in a row in Bitter Lands!, the character of Müjgan will be released soon.

Melike İpek Yalova will bid farewell to the series as of this season. The game is expected to leave production in the coming weeks.

Here is the 91st episode trailer of the Bitter Lands, which will be screened on Thursday, April 8:

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