In the Scorpion series, it was increasingly driven to a dead end!
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7 October 2022 09:38


In the Scorpion series, it was increasingly driven to a dead end!

‘Scorpion’, the popular series of STAR TV signed by 1441 Productions, came to the screen with its 16th episode. The rating results of the series were again very low. It should be noted that the Scorpion series is not expected to win back the audience anymore. While it is mentioned that Star TV has guaranteed 26 episodes, the 17th new episode of Scorpion will be screened on Thursday, April 8th.

When Ayşem learned that her father was Ahmet, she ran away from the cemetery. Ahmet took the pain of losing his daughter before he could win it from Ferda. Thinking that Ferda knew the whereabouts of the disappeared Ayşem and kept her from him, Ahmet kidnapped Merve and put Efe on guard at Merve’s head. Despite her eyes closed, Merve suffered, thinking that Efe was also there and that she was abducted with her. Efe felt remorse for Merve, who was left hungry and thirsty, but could not do anything because of Ahmet’s fear. Ayşem sent a note to Ferda and said that if she complained about Ahmet, she could trust him again. Ferda was increasingly driven into an impasse.


Perihan, who went to her house to take Ece from Ferda’s side, saw Ayşem’s note on the table, but could not find the opportunity to read it. Then she sent Hacer to Ferda’s house and asked her to find the note and bring it. Hacer, whose job became easier when Ferda was not at home, took the note and returned to the mansion with Ece. Perihan, who read the note, was shocked to see that Aysem referred to Ahmet as my father. The suspicions about both Ferda and Ahmet have increased.


Ferda went crazy when she learned that Merve was kidnapped by Ahmet. When she could not reach Aysem either, she called the police and reported the casino and went to the casino, thinking that her daughter was being kept in the casino. Meanwhile, Duru, who went to get Ahmet’s bills, was surprised at what she would do when she saw the police, and Aras kidnapped Duru from the police and took her to the secret room. When Aras said that he knew that Can was his own son and that he still loved him, the two became closer. Ferda, on the other hand, recorded all that happened at the beginning of the monitor.

Images of Duru and Aras confused the mansion

When Ferda watched the images of Duru and Aras in the mansion, it turned into a battlefield. While Duru was ashamed, Hakan spoke very heavy words to Duru. Not only that, but when he tried to slap Duru, the glass overflowed for Perihan and she kicked Ahmet out of the house. Ferda presented her offer to Perihan. She said that Ahmet had kidnapped her daughter and that he would delete the images if she had Merve back home.


Aras saved Merve and they set out to return to the mansion together. When they came right in front of the house, Ahmet received a phone call. Ahmet threatened Aras with his brother İpek in return for Merve. When Ferda saw the car in front of the mansion door, Aras was surprised what to do.

‘Scorpion’ is on Star TV on Thursday at 20:00 with its exciting new episode!

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