Sinan Tuzcu's tremendous change from Mustafa in the Lifeline to Metin in the Last Summer!
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29 September 2022 10:24


Sinan Tuzcu’s tremendous change from Mustafa in the Lifeline to Metin in the Last Summer!

Sinan Tuzcu gives life to the character of Metin Yaman in the Last Summer series. Many TV series fans found it difficult to get used to Metin Yaman after the character of Mustafa in Lifeline.

Sinan Tuzcu continues to attract great attention from his fans in recent years, when he has appeared in two completely different roles. Mustafa was a crazy character. He was a complete Black Sea man and he would show this in every way. Mustafa Kaleli had a style and Sinan Tuzcu reflected this wonderfully.

Now, the famous actress gives life to the character of Metin Yaman, who was born in Izmir in The Last Summer series, who is the child of a rich family and who lives a life with the sea. Metin, who manages sports clubs, is excommunicated by his family for a reason, and only Emel remains with him afterwards.

It is known that Sinan Tuzcu is also a sea lover. The famous actor offers wonderful views to his fans on social media with the posts he made from the boat and expresses his passion for the sea at every opportunity.

Sinan Tuzcu’s changing image also affects his fans a lot. Being Metin Yaman, the rich kid of Izmir, who loves comfort from Mustafa, a Black Sea man, are two very different cultures and styles.

Sinan Tuzcu saves this situation so well that it is difficult to even think that he was Mustafa Kaleli for a while …

Speaking to the Behind the Scenes program broadcast on Fox TV about the Last Summer series, the actor explained his similarities to his character as follows: “We have some points in common because Metin loves sailing and the sea because he is a sea man. Our hobbies are similar, the things we love are similar. Göztepe supporters, I also like Göztepe in Izmir. ”

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