The new decision that no one expected in the Son Yaz series!
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29 November 2022 21:23


The new decision that no one expected in the Son Yaz series!

An important test will be given this week for the Son Yaz (Last Summer) series, which continues to meet with viewers on Fox TV screens on Friday evenings. The series, which has broadcasted 16 episodes so far, continues to get good ratings with its strong story.

After Ramo makes the final, Son Yaz series is also expected to achieve better rates. The first images from the new episode of the series were also published. The new decision of the character of Canan, played by Funda Eryiğit, will surprise everyone. After her divorce from Prosecutor Selim, Canan realizes that she cannot break with him, and finally gives up resisting.

Speaking, “You convinced me, to start over,” Canan will surprise everyone with her decision to step into a life with Selim after his recent events.

The character of Gökhan was included in the last episode of the series. As Gökhan, Akgün’s older brother, we started watching Olgun Toker. Again, the actor who added his soul to the character made the fans of the series happy with a good performance.

The message given in the trailer that Gökhan may not be Akgün’s brother in the new episode of the Son Yaz series draws attention. Is this an inverted corner or a truth?

The meeting of Akgün and Gökhan will also attract attention. A new excitement came to the series with the new character. Son Yaz will make the season finale with its 22nd episode. It is now considered a guarantee that it will continue in the second season, because the audience interest is increasing.

Here is the 1st trailer from the 17th episode of the Son Yaz series, which will be released on Friday, April 23:

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