Will there be a first in the Kefaret series?
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29 November 2022 21:56


Will there be a first in the Kefaret series?

There have been 22 episodes in the Kefaret (Redemption) series of Fox TV, which is broadcast on Sunday evenings. The story of the series starring Nurgül Yeşilçay, Mert Fırat and Yurdaer Okur continues to attract the audience. The ratings of the series, which also attracts attention with its acting performances, are not bad either …

Kefaret, the only series that can exist against Teşkilat (The Shadow Team) on Sunday evenings, continues to resist. 22 episodes were full of events in the Kefaret series, which was scripted by Mahinur Ergun from a story in Zülfü Livaneli’s book. Those who watch the 23rd episode trailer have the feeling that it will be an uneventful episode for the first time. Sinan and Zeynep’s dancing for the first time in the 23rd episode, which also includes their future dreams, is presented as a separate detail.

Sinan said, “Would you consider having a child from me?” asks… Zeynep is surprised that Sinan is serious… Ahmet’s love for Arzu continues, but this situation poses a threat mostly to Elif.

Ahmet speaks heavily by saying, “If you try to touch my daughter once more, I will kill her”. However,it’s not clear what Ahmet will do. Fans of the series also think that everything will be expected after what the character has done so far.

The 23rd episode of the Kefaret series, which will be broadcast on Sunday, April 25, will be uneventful or there will be surprises soon. However, there is a large audience that wants the story to continue and never end. Especially, the Kefaret, which got good ratings in the category of all persons, will continue in season 2, however, no one knows about this for now. It is a bit suspicious that the series will be broadcast in the next season with these ratings. We will watch and see.

Here is the first trailer from the 23rd episode of the Kefaret series:

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