A character disappeared in the TV series Unfaithful!
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29 September 2022 10:49


A character disappeared in the TV series Unfaithful!

The TV series Unfaithful, which continues to meet with the audience on Wednesday evenings on Kanal D screens, has an impressive story and a strong cast. Each episode of the series also draws intense interest from the viewers. Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen are doing their job very successfully.

There is also a new development that may affect the ratings of the Unfaithful TV series… From this week on Show TV, a series called Red Truck, where the lives of firefighters are told, will meet with the audience. The story of the series arouses great curiosity… This will also affect the ratings and will the unfaithful audience lose, this issue will also be followed.

You will watch the 24th episode of the series on Wednesday, March 31st. The first trailer of the new episode was also released. In general, there are many audience criticisms because the trailers of the series are released too late. It will not go without specifying this.

There is no character. We are talking about Derin. It is wondered what happened to the character that Melis Sezen successfully brought to life. The cops are looking for her. Saying that they are about to divorce, Volkan is in front of her. So what happened to Derin?

The police hold Volkan responsible for Derin’s disappearance! After Derin disappears, the police begin to interrogate all suspects. They talk to Volkan as the first suspect. Gönül directs the police to Asya. However, a message that emerges causes all eyes to turn to Volkan!

Where is Derin? What will Volkan do as a suspect? Unfaithful new episode is on Channel D on Wednesday at 20.00! Here is the first trailer from episode 24:

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