My Home My Destiny and Melek: A Mother's Struggle hold tight, a tough opponent has arrived!
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5 February 2023 06:49


My Home My Destiny and Melek: A Mother’s Struggle hold tight, a tough opponent has arrived!

A new series is coming to the Wednesday competition. Fox TV’s series called Innocence (Masumiyet) will take its place on the screen with its first episode next week, Wednesday, February 24. There is an expectation that the series will bring a new breath to the rating competition …

The story of the series, in which 3 important names such as Hülya Avşar, Deniz Çakır and Mehmet Aslantuğ take the lead role, is also very striking … With the launch of the series Innocence, which attracts attention with its trailers and has a strong interaction in social media, the rating competition will gain a new dimension.

The TV series Unfaithful and The Ottoman are the gripping productions of Wednesday evenings. Both series have found their own audience and are confidently on their way. Unless there are serious problems in the story of these two series, it is difficult for them to fall and lose their audience to another production.

However, My Home My Destiny and the same is not true for Melek: A Mother’s Struggle. tv8’s series continues in its second season, but there are problems in the story from time to time and viewers make serious criticism. The series starring Demet Özdemir, İbrahim Çelikkol and Engin Öztürk, who can experience decreases in the ratings, may lose some viewers to this new production in the face of Innocence.

On the TRT1 screen, the second season of Melek: A Mother’s Struggle, which continued for the second season of the month, entered a period in which criticism increased at the point of the story and the audience experienced great discomfort as the scriptwriters extended the topics like gum. The series of innocence can also sever the audience from this production.

With strong actors, a good story and a successful production, Innocence can soon become the 3rd most watched series on Wednesday evenings. This situation leads to the weakening of both the My Home My Destiny and Melek: A Mother’s Struggle series.

Unfaithful and the The Ottoman is not expected to be seriously affected.

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