Hazal Kaya gave two good news to her fans!
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4 February 2023 18:33


Hazal Kaya gave two good news to her fans!

Famous actress Hazal Kaya will soon appear in front of her fans with her new project news. The actress, who was on the agenda with the series “Midnight at the Pera Palace”, which was recently broadcast on Netflix, had a big break with the series that became one of the most watched productions in many countries of the world.

While Hazal Kaya was heavily criticized by some circles in Turkey, positive comments and support messages from abroad made the actress very happy. Foreign TV series fans liked Midnight at the Pera Palace very much and they think that Hazal Kaya has a very good acting.

The famous actress continues her negotiations for new projects. The actress said, “I hope you will find out. It would not be right to say anything now,” she said. With these words, the actress stated that she has a project, but everything is not clear yet. Fans of Hazal Kaya’s new project are also very curious and details will emerge soon.

Hazal Kaya also confirmed the news that the sequel of Midnight at the Pera Palace will continue. The actress, who did not want to give information, said, “The second season will be very sweet,” and gave the good news to all her fans that the project continues.

There is an expectation that the story will take place in the present day in the second season, and this seems to make the series Midnight at the Pera Palace even more interesting.

Stating that her son Fikret Ali is growing up, the actress expressed for the first time that she has thoughts of a second child. While Hazal Kaya continues her career, it should not be surprising if a surprise pregnancy occurs.

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