Artists News Hazal Kaya played a green light to play in the same project as Çağatay Ulusoy

Hazal Kaya played a green light to play in the same project as Çağatay Ulusoy


The writings of our writer Ece Er….

The whole world wants it: Hazal Kaya and Çağatay Ulusoy in the same Project!

Every month, fans who made TT again without ever being sick again made a wonderful TT again in February. According to the statement given by Hazal Kaya to journalists in his speech in India: “I would like to meet again on the same project with Çağatay Ulusoy”.

I think just like him!

This project is the work of courage!
Hazal Kaya and Çağatay Ulusoy I Named Her Feriha of the legendary couple began to be known in the world. Now that the adventure began without knowing that their career would create this effect at the beginning, look where now. But at the beginning of what the producers are afraid of, the navigators will carry the influences of Feriha and Emir in the new role characters of Hazal and Çağatay.

However, the years have passed and both players have put new bricks into their careers and brought their fame to the level of “Empire”. The roles they play, the trainings they have received, have increased every year, and they have now come to a point where they “start to manage their fame.”

Hazal Kaya has a series of projects currently underway. Our Story. Burak Deniz, who shared the lead in this line, had a very good effect. But the legend has not reached the double category yet. I know, and you know that the two projects are very different, and that is not enough for Filiz and Peace to be legendary.

For Çağatay Ulusoy’s new project Netflix, the shooting started very little. Çağatay has also signed 20 episodes on a series of projects. For this reason it is impossible for them to come together in a series of projects for both stars …

But in 7 years now, fans have been aware of this!
They know that they will not see the Hazal-Çağatay duality on the same line for the time being because they are aware of the sector and now they have read the corner texts. With a brand new story that will go on in the cinema scene, this couple will have to create a legendary couple again.

The producers are afraid to sign this kind of project because they see it as risky. However, they can find a very delicious love-smelling and textured nice script. If you want, I’m ready! Sharing with those who want to read. Of course, there are screenwriters in the industry who are passionate about it. We are always watching the same people’s language, from the heart. Behind it there are close-up connections, “buddy-sergeant” associations.

However, this project should be written by pens who really appreciate courage, understand the language of the fans, what they want and what they say. It can not be an ordinary cinema project!
No adaptation!

What do you say, producers?
Do you have any courage? We know from Hazal and Çağatay that they have been supporting this project with heartfelt support from journalists. Now it’s your turn! Are you sure you want this?
March TT’si will start the countdown to fans, so take a look and see what you can do.

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