Hazal Kaya pointed to the world charts, not the criticism!
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9 December 2022 12:00


Hazal Kaya pointed to the world charts, not the criticism!

Hazal Kaya and Selin Şekerci, who acted together in the movie “Benden Ne Olur”, went to see the theater play Sırça together this time. Two close friends are involved in the most notable projects of the last period… Hazal Kaya attracted attention with the series called Midnight at The Pera Palas, which was recently broadcast on Netflix.

While Hazal Kaya received positive comments from her fans for her performance in the series, her criticism by some people has been talked about a lot in the past weeks. While her colleagues supported Hazal Kaya, her fans celebrated her success on social media. However, some writers in the newspapers brought serious and harsh criticism to Hazal Kaya’s role.

Hazal Kaya could not avoid questions about these criticisms at the premiere of the theater play. The actress stated that it is necessary to ask those who criticize it and that it is not a situation that concerns her. Hazal Kaya said, “We are in a good mood. We are in a very good spot in the world charts. We get very good comments from all over the world. We would love it if you could make some news about them. Because there are people who are very excited. That’s why I’m happy,” she said.

It was revealed that the series was approved for the second season. Hazal Kaya stated that she did not know and hoped that this would happen.

It was revealed that there was a great deal of intensity at the Pera Palace Hotel after the series. Hazal Kaya explained that she followed these news and expected something like this. The actress said, “Of course we expected it, but we didn’t expect this much. There are also those who say they want to come to Turkey and visit the hotel. This is an amazing comeback,” she said.

Selin Şekerci expressed her appreciation for the series broadcast on Netflix and supported her friend.

Şekerci stated that the criticisms directed at Hazal Kaya also contain bad intentions, and said: “I have never seen any actress in Turkey hit so hard. I think it’s something other than bad acting.”

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