Series News The biggest surprise in the Aile series was Selin Şekerci!

The biggest surprise in the Aile series was Selin Şekerci!


The second season of the TV series ‘Aile’ (Family), starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya, started very effectively. You can understand that the loyal audience has not yet come to the screen for the series from the fact that the ratings are lower than expected.

The biggest surprise was in the character of Serap, played by Selin Şekerci. Learning who Serap was made the story of the series even more lively. It would not be wrong to say that Selin Şekerci, who entered the second season of the series very effectively, initiated a significant change in the story of the Aile series.

In the story of the series; Serap, the daughter of İlyas, the enemy of the Soykan family, made an alliance with Cihan.

It has already become a matter of great curiosity what the alliance of İlyas, Serap and Cihan will cause. On the other hand, it was learned that the person who leaked the video to the internet was Serap.

Aslan’s move to prevent Devin from leaving upset all balances. Aslan wanted an investigation to be launched against the Soykans so that Devin could not go abroad. In the finale, Devin was brought to the police station with handcuffs along with the Soykan family.

In the trailer of the new episode, there are signs about where the events will lead. Devin’s challenge to Hülya and his stance against the Soykans increases the excitement.

While İlyas’s warning to Cihan about his daughter Serap draws attention, the fact that Tolga is injured and unconscious brings to mind the question “Is Tolga dead?” brings the question.

It is eagerly awaited to see what Aslan, who is struggling to protect his family on one side and trying to save his love with Devin on the other, will do in the face of all these events.

The Aile series will be on Show TV with its 15th new episode on Tuesday, October 10th.