Artists News Hazal Kaya revealed the unspoken truth behind the scenes of the Turkish TV series industry!

Hazal Kaya revealed the unspoken truth behind the scenes of the Turkish TV series industry!


The Turkish TV series industry broadcasts ambitious series on television screens, and digital platforms have turned our country into a series of production centers. Hazal Kaya is one of the important female actors of this sector and continues to take part in projects for both digital platforms and television channels.

The actress, who was on the agenda with the TV series “Midnight at the Pera Palace”, which was broadcast on Netflix, was the guest of Ceyda Düvenci’s program broadcast on NTV. Düvenci’s “Is there a Turkish series you watch?” Hazal Kaya’s answer to the question was also on the agenda.

Stating that she did not watch a TV series broadcast on the national channel, Hazal Kaya said that she just stared at the Ömer project for her friend Selehattin Paşalı and apparently does not want to follow the works produced, although she is an important name in the Turkish TV series industry.

Many people felt disdain for Hazal Kaya’s attitude, and the situation has already caused reactions. In fact, this reaction of Hazal Kaya reflects the reality of many actors in the series industry.

In other words, many actors that you admire on the screens do not follow their own projects or many works in the industry.

In fact, this is something that has been known for many years. In other words, it is necessary to accept the fact that there is a group of actors who produce for the Turkish TV series sector for a little money and do not care much about the product that comes out.

Of course, there are many actors who follow the projects, get the idea, watch themselves or want to watch them from a different perspective to gain experience. However, it is a known fact that the actors of the series do not care that much about the business in the market.

Hazal Kaya, who faced criticism for belittling Turkish TV series, made an effort to quell the reactions with her statement stating that this was not true.

Many people agreed with Hazal Kaya, while others continued to criticize it. However, the fact that the issue broke out over Hazal Kaya revealed the fact that there are many actors in the industry who do not follow Turkish series like her.

Hazal Kaya’s thought that those who use the term “serial actor” underestimate the actors was also revealed as another reality.

Here is the full statement of the famous actress: “Can I be despising the TV series broadcast on the national channel today by making statements that we have been underestimated as “series actor” for years? It is difficult to act, work or watch in the series, which is broadcast for three hours every week.

Please go and take your stress elsewhere. I don’t have to control every word that comes out of my mouth, every reaction, and because you think I’m a stress ball, I don’t want to express myself with anxiety all the time. What if that’s enough!”