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18 August 2022 15:19


Hazal Kaya rocked the models with her candy pink swimsuit!

Famous actress Hazal Kaya came to the screen with the TV series Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) for the last time and learned that she was pregnant near the finale of the series. She married her long-time partner, Director-Actor and Musician Ali Atay, in 2019, and their son Fikret Ali was born in November of the same year.

With the intervention of the pandemic, Hazal Kaya took a break from her projects for a while. Raising her son at that time, the actress starred in the movie Benden Ne Olur (What Happened to Me) in the summer of 2020. Starring with Onur Tuna, the movie was adapted from the book of the same name by Aslı Kızmaz.

The movie was released in theaters a while ago. It has recently come to the fore with the news that it will be broadcast on Disney Plus. With the news that it will be published on the new digital platform Disney Plus on July 29, Hazal Kaya came to the fore again.

Hazal Kaya was also talked about with the series “Midnight at the Pera Palace”, which was shot for Netflix. It is also said that the second season of the series will be shot. Fans want to see Hazal Kaya on the screen, but she has no known projects yet.

The famous actress had recently gone to Çeşme for the birthday of her stylist friend Rutkay Öziş. Demet Özdemir and Selin Şekerci also participated in the holiday for a few days, attracting attention with her bikini poses.

The actress, who dyed her hair light red for the Midnight series at Pera Palas, loved this hair color. Fans also liked the actress very much.

Hazal Kaya has been using the same hair color for a while. She drew attention with her fit look in her pose with her new hair and candy pink swimsuit…

The actress, who has diabetes, gained attention for a while. The actress, who was not in a hurry to lose weight after giving birth, later regained her proper physique with healthy nutrition and sports. The actress reveals that she still maintains her physique with her latest post…

Hazal Kaya’s fans liked this pose of Hazal Kaya, who almost rocked the models. Hazal Kaya received great acclaim with her pose taken for Elle Turkey magazine…

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