Artists News Hazal Kaya shows a new approach in motherhood as she does in every other subject!

Hazal Kaya shows a new approach in motherhood as she does in every other subject!


Ali Atay and Hazal Kaya’s lives have changed a lot with their sons, Fikret Ali. The famous couple lives every day in a colorful way with the excitement of their son’s growth and continues their careers by continuing their projects.

Ali Atay appeared before the audience with the renewed version of Leyla and Mecnun after the TV series Son Yaz (Last Summer). Leyla and Mecnun, which was broadcast on Exxen, once again connected a large audience to him.

Hazal Kaya, on the other hand, was on the agenda with the series Midnight in at the Pera Palace, which was broadcast on Netflix, and we have to say that she did a successful job, although she received different comments. It should be noted right away that unlike the criticisms in Turkey, Hazal Kaya is highly praised abroad.

Maybe Hazal Kaya has a different attitude than many mothers when it comes to raising children and organizing her son’s life. Hazal Kaya, who reveals the details of this from time to time, especially in the live chat programs on Instagram, said remarkable words in her interview in Elle Turkey magazine.

The parenting approach of Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay is based on listening to their son and revealing his wishes.

Hazal Kaya expressed this situation with these words: “We are trying to support Fiko so that he can create his own wisdom instead of filling his brain with what we know. We follow him and try to create solutions and conditions that suit his needs. We have a parenting style where we listen more to Him, not ourselves.”

These words of Hazal Kaya actually reflect how different and free perspective she looks at life. In an environment where many children have to follow the general attitude of their families, the famous couple try to understand Fikret Ali and find solutions according to his needs.