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23 May 2022 00:14


Hazal Kaya, who experienced the bad luck in the Misafir TV series on Fox TV, is coming to make up for it with her new series!

Hazal Kaya fans were very happy this season, and then experienced great sadness. The reason for this was that the famous actress’s return to the television screen after a long hiatus was short-lived.

Hazal Kaya, who played the character of Filiz in the TV series Bizim Hikaye, which was broadcast on Fox TV and lasted for 2 seasons, was in front of the audience on television from September 2017 to May 2019. Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) series lasted for 70 episodes, and then the actress did not appear on the sets for a while after she became pregnant with her son, Fikret Ali, and after the birth and care processes.

Hazal Kaya, who went to the set at the end of the summer of 2020 for the shooting of the movie Benden Ne Olur, also shot a series for Netflix. The actress, who used her new TV series preference in favor of Fox TV in the 2021-2022 season, took the lead role in the production called Misafir.

Hazal Kaya, who formed a good couple with Buğra Gülsoy, was unfortunate that the series was canceled in the fifth episode due to low ratings.

Hazal Kaya fans were also very upset by this situation and they were very disappointed when they thought that they would watch the actor on the screen again for a long time.

Hazal Kaya’s compensatory project for her fans will be the series Pera Palasta Gece Yarısı, which she shot for Netflix. Hazal Kaya is the leading actress of the series, which will meet with the audience on March 3. The famous actress, who is a partner in this series with Selahattin Paşalı, will take the audience to 1919.

Esra character, played by the actress, will fall into the middle of a political conspiracy against Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic.

When Esra meets Halit, the mysterious owner of one of Istanbul’s crazy clubs, she will see that 1919 Istanbul is quite different from what is known. Hazal Kaya, who looked very attractive in the costumes of that period for the Pera Palasta Gece Yarısı series, will impress her fans with her new series.

The new Netflix series will be a compensation for Hazal Kaya fans, who are disappointed with the short duration of the TV series “Misafir”.

Hazal Kaya said, “How long we waited for this day to come! I am so happy, so excited!” She gave the good news to her fans by announcing on her social media account that the series will be broadcast on Netflix on March 3.

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