Hazal Türesan's new image and big change with the new series!
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3 October 2022 16:59


Hazal Türesan’s new image and big change with the new series!

Hazal Türesan, who is remembered for her Beliz character and red hair, played in the Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series, also took the lead role in the Show TV series Yalancı (Liar) last season. Hazal Türesan is getting ready to appear before the audience with a brand new image with her curly blonde hair.

The actress, who is now in the cast of the Baba series, is one of the 7 newcomers to the team. In addition to experienced names such as Levent Ülgen and Ali İl, the participation of Hazal Türesan in the team of the series is perceived as a sign of a very important change. You will watch Hazal Türesan in the character named Begüm in the story, which was renewed by screenwriter Gökhan Horzum.

The actress, who has played different characters in different productions, will appear in front of her fans with a different image and character on Show TV in the new period.

The character that Hazal Türesan will be connected to in the story will be İlhan, played by Hakan Kurtaş. The details of the relationship between Begüm and İlhan, who have known each other for a long time, seem to be of great interest to Büşra, played by Özge Yağız.

Even if it is not yet clear whether a love triangle will be established in the series Baba, it seems an important detail that Hazal Türesan will appear in front of the audience with a character in the center of the story.

The Baba series, which will also feature names such as Buse Meral, Ezgi Dinçer, Volkan Kıran and Elif Verit, will take its place on the screen on Tuesday, September 20.

Thus, the rating race for the second season will start again. Kadir and Emin characters, played by Tolga Sarıtaş and Haluk Bilginer, will experience great swings.

In the scenes where Emin lost his memory, we are sure that Haluk Bilginer will give acting lessons again.

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