Artists News He has a series that Özgür Çevik was so battered that he had such a hard time, but it ended well!

He has a series that Özgür Çevik was so battered that he had such a hard time, but it ended well!


Özgür Çevik appeared in front of the camera for the first time in the TV series Yabancı Damat (Foreign Groom), which entered Turkey’s agenda in 2004, and this project was among the legendary TV series. On behalf of Özgür Çevik, the Yabancı Damat series was instrumental in making a very successful career boom.

The actor, who plays the character of Count Leon in the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series, is a famous name that has been on the screen for about 18 years, that we have watched in movies and has many fans.

The actor, who also had historical project experience with the Alparslan series broadcast on TRT1 screen on Monday evenings, said that even today’s young people still watch the Yabancı Damat series. Özgür Çevik revealed that the series taught him a lot, but that he also had many difficulties:

“My story of starting acting is the 2004 Yabancı Damat series. I’m still surprised by this. Still, I met a lot of people who weren’t old enough to watch it episode after episode. They say it’s good. I am happy, of course. It is a set with incredibly good players, on the one hand I learned and on the other hand I was very battered. When the Yabancı Damat set was finished, I came out in a bruise. It hasn’t been easy. Because there are very good actors, there are very good directors. You have something to accomplish and you have limited time. It is a set I will never forget. After that, my acting adventure started.”

Stating that he uses Instagram and Twitter, but is not very active, Özgür Çevik said that he receives requests to be more active, but he likes to use social media as he is comfortable with.

He stated that when he has free time, he looks at the posts of the people he follows, but does not connect his life to social media. The actor said, “I did not connect my life to social media. I know that social platforms take a lot of time when you’re obsessed. This time you are missing out on life. That’s my problem,” he said.