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7 July 2022 06:52


The ratings of the series “Kazara Aşk” gave a positive sign this time!

Star’s new series “Kazara Aşk” gathered its audience on the screen with its new episode aired last night. In the lead roles; Starring Ümit Kantarcılar and Sude Zülal Güler, “Kazara Aşk” became the most watched TV series in the Total category with its third episode. Since the ratings are low in the summer screen, even small ratios can be effective in the race between the series.

After the first two episode ratings of Kazara Aşk were quite low, this upward movement in the 3rd episode is perceived as a positive sign. It is too early to say “it is going well” for Kazara Aşk, which is moving towards achieving close to average odds.

However, it seems that the series, which has started to win the hearts of the audience with its entertaining story, has the potential to increase its ratings as new episodes are released… The third episode aired last night came second in the category of all people. This is seen as a good start for the future of the series.

However, the EU performance of Kazar Ask is quite low. Finishing the day in 8th place, the series is in 5th place on ABC1. Although it is a positive image for Kazara Aşk, we can say that these ratings are still insufficient and should attract more audience attention.

Produced by Ata Türkoğlu on behalf of Koliba Film, “Kazara Aşk” is directed by Sadullah Celen. The scenario of the series is; Written by Bekir Baran Sıtkı and Rana Mamatlıoğlu. The fourth episode of the series, which aired on Thursday evenings, is also eagerly awaited. The first trailer of the 4th new episode of Kazara Aşk has been released.

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