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9 August 2022 17:30


Star TV’s very ambitious starting series collapsed in the ratings, the finale possibility became stronger!

The status of the TV series that Star TV has brought to the screen this season is very upsetting to the audience. The choices made by the channel management do not attract enough attention from the viewers on the screen… The channel management, who made the series called “Kazara Aşk” finale, will finish the Ada Masalı as of the 25th episode.

Star TV management, which has already made the final decision for two series, could not prevent 9 series from slipping out of their hands last season. New productions can be added to the productions that will make the final in the new season.

Things are not going well in Star TV’s detective drama called Sana Söz, which started very ambitious. The series, starring Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya, has an impressive story. The acting performances in the series are also very successful.

There is no problem with details such as the quality of the footage and the good dialogue. However, the audience did not show enough interest in this production for some reason.

Sana Söz took its place on the screen with its 5th episode on Tuesday, November 30th. However, the incoming ratings went beyond acceptable limits.

Star TV had made the final decisions for Kazara Aşk and Ada Masalı, as it had achieved similar rates before.

The channel management is known for giving opportunities to the series and making efforts to improve the low ratings.

Sana Söz series also achieved very low ratings. Episode 5 of the series ranks 16th in all people, 27th in AB group and 22nd in ABC1.

With this result, we can state that Star TV’s Sana Söz series did not work and we wonder how much patience the channel management will show.

No one should be surprised if Star TV makes a finale decision for Sana Söz soon. However, it is expected that an acceptable time will be given to Sana Söz, as has been done so far.

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