Series News Hercai series is very different now, nothing will be the same!

Hercai series is very different now, nothing will be the same!

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Hercai, one of the popular series of ATV screens, was positioned as a production that burns the audience on Friday evenings for 53 episodes. The series starring Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü will now take its place on the screen on Sunday evenings.

On behalf of the series, which participated in the rating competition on Sunday, it is expected to be expected. The very low ratings of Akıncı, who replaced Hercai in the second episode, prompted the question of whether the ATV made a mistake or not. Anyway, he managed to rise in total, at least up to the 6th ratings. Let’s see if this rise will continue in the new era of the series.

Along with the series named Redemption, Arıza, Call My Agency and Tövbeler Olsun, Hercai, who is now in the market competition, will be able to maintain her ratings after Survivor 2021 started last night? Another detail is that in the new episode of the series, nothing will be the same as before, reflected in both the trailers and the information from the set.

You can find the details of what will happen tonight in the 54th episode of the Hercai series and the preview images of the new episode below:

Hazar, who sees Dilşah in the face, is in shock. He takes him to the village, but tells a big lie to Zehra Dilşah and makes him leave.

As Hazar came, Füsun, who came after Dilşah, who suddenly disappeared as she came, and who thinks that she has strengthened her hand thanks to what she learned from Cihan, is in the right mood.

However, he will be shocked by the big surprise that Fırat prepared him. Meanwhile, things got complicated in Şadoğlu mansion as Miran revealed the truth about Cihan.

Reyyan asks both Nasuh and Azize for the account of the past.

While Miran takes his breath in front of Azize with the big lie told to him, he returns to Şadoğlu mansion in Hazar.

With this turn, nothing will be the same anymore.