Here is a role that suits Vahide Perçin! After the Hünkar character, the Güzide character will surprise you!
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1 April 2023 08:10


Here is a role that suits Vahide Perçin! After the Hünkar character, the Güzide character will surprise you!

Famous actress Vahide Perçin has appeared before the audience with very dominant roles in very important productions. The actress, whom we watched in the character of Hünkar, the lady lord of Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, said goodbye to the series in the middle of the third season. While the character of Hünkar is still remembered, you will watch Vahide Perçin in a very dominant character in her new series Aldatmak (Deception).

Prepared as one of the most ambitious series of the new season on the ATV screen, prepared by one of the most important production companies of the industry such as TIMS & B Productions, the series comes with a very effective story. Vahide Perçin plays the leading role in this story.

The character of Hakime Güzide Yenersoy will deeply affect many viewers. The poster of the series was also published, and Vahide Perçin again showed an image that would impress her fans.

Murat Saraçoğlu undertook the directing of the series, the script of which was written by Yıldız Tunç. The subtleties of the script of Aldatmak, which is understood to be a very effective series both as a team, as a cast and in terms of story, were also revealed.

The character of Güzide, played by Vahide Perçin in the TV series Aldatmak, will deeply affect the audience. So why? Here are the details of the character:

She is a family court judge who is fond of her family, but at times distant and strict, trembling, normative and never deviating from her truths. She maintains her authority in the courthouse at home as well. Güzide, who has been married to Tarık for thirty years, does not make any concessions to her family in almost anything, and believes that she knows the right way, has two children named Oylum and Ozan.

Since she has willingly made great sacrifices for her family for years, she deserves to be the judge of her family. Behind all this rigidity, she has a great love for her family and children. But all the facts about her family and life that she thinks she knows are going to be destroyed as a result of a coincidence.”

The powerful story of the new series called Aldatmak, which Vahide Perçin fans are eagerly waiting for, seems to attract millions to the ATV screen again.

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