Series News Here is the expected decision of the Kanunsuz Topraklar series from Fox TV!

Here is the expected decision of the Kanunsuz Topraklar series from Fox TV!

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The Kanunsuz Topraklar series, which is broadcast on Fox TV screens on Wednesday evenings, was in front of the audience with its first 4 episodes. The interest in the series starring Uğur Güneş, Esra Bilgiç and Necip Memili is increasing. However, when we look at the ratings, it would not be right to say that the danger has passed yet for such a big-budget TV series.

Last season, the series named Masumiyet made its finale on Fox TV, despite receiving average ratings due to its high budget. The possibility of a similar situation for the Kanunsuz Topraklar is being discussed. Because it turned out that the series could not compete with Sadakatsiz and Kuruluş Osman in the rating competition…

It is known that the most important problem of high-budget TV series is that if a certain rating cannot be exceeded, it is known to cause great loss. In order for the Kanunsuz Topraklar series to reach more viewers, Fox TV must take some new steps. The channel management took a remarkable decision at this point.

Fox TV, which does not have a serial on the air on Thursday evenings, aimed to reach more viewers by broadcasting the replay of Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey on Thursday, October 21 at 20:00. However, a change was made to this plan.

According to the new decision, the fourth episode of the series called Kanunsuz Topraklar will meet with the audience on October 21, this evening.

This decision taken by Fox TV is very remarkable in an environment where the series has stirred a little in the ratings but is not yet at the expected point.

The channel management is both considering the issue of Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey experiencing some decline and discussing what to do about the problem of Kanunsuz Topraklar not rising enough.

Since it is empty on Thursday evenings, it is of great importance to broadcast again in order to reach more viewers. With the change it made today, Fox TV will feature the replay of the Kanunsuz Topraklar series instead of Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey.

This means that Fox TV is not very happy with the course of the Kanunsuz Topraklar series and has made one of the most important moves it can make to rectify the situation.

Of course there is another possibility. If the Kanunsuz Topraklar perform well on Thursday evenings, is it possible to change the day? Even if it is a remote possibility, it is useful to keep in mind.