Artists News Here is the new Fox TV series that will give Şifanur Gül a career boom!

Here is the new Fox TV series that will give Şifanur Gül a career boom!


Şifanur Gül’s series of Hayatımın Şansı (Chance of My Life), which is expected to surprise the audience and attract great attention in the new season, will deeply affect everyone on Fox TV! A new series will soon begin on the Fox TV screen.

The series, called the Hayatımın Şansı, is the production that came to the fore under the name of Aşk, Yonca ve Diğerleri (Love, Yonca and Others) before. The first name of the series was changed. It was announced by Fox TV that the first episode of the Hayatımın Şansı series will meet with the audience in the near future.

The first trailer of the series was also released. The Hayatımın Şansı project will stand out as an action-packed production. The subject of the TV series “Hayatımın Şansı”, in which the problems experienced by the character named Yonca, who has a small daughter, will come to the fore, will also be interesting.

The story, which will take place in the mafia, police and love triangle, seems to affect everyone who watches it deeply. You will witness the life of Yonca turned upside down in this triangle.

Şifanur Gül, who has attracted attention recently, will portray the character of Yonca. The actress, who is the female lead in the TV series Terzi (Tailor), which was last shot for Netflix, started her career in 2019 with the TV series Sevdim Seni Bir Kere.

The actress, who gained acclaim for her character Gülperi in the Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening Great Seljuk) TV series, was remembered as İkra in the TV series Benim Adım Melek (My Name is Melek).

After her effective performances in the TV series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings) and The Kırmızı Oda (Red Room), Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) and Terzi (Tailor) were the projects that the young actress took to digital.

You will be watching Alican Yücesoy as the early lead role in the series of Hayatımın Şansı. As the female lead, Şifanur Gül aims to make a good leap in her career with her effective performance.