Series News This time, Fox TV won the hearts of the TV series that it did not cancel!

This time, Fox TV won the hearts of the TV series that it did not cancel!


It has to be said that among the series broadcast on Fox TV screens, only Forbidden Apple is in good condition, but the ratings for other series are not very bright. Tozluyaka, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings and gained a loyal audience with its success in the summer, still continues on its way on the screen. The solid support of Tozluyaka, whose 21 episodes are left behind, was a sufficient factor for Fox TV to continue the series.

However, if the channel management had the same logic as last season, it would have been expected to cancel the projects already. The iyilik (Goodness) series airs on Friday with its second season and the ratings have dropped a lot. However, there was no such thing as the cancellation of the series.

Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale) series, on the other hand, had a hard time in the competition on Wednesday and there has been some interest in the last few weeks, but it is difficult to say that the ratings are still at a good level. There is also the Darmaduman series, which did not hold on Thursday evenings, but was moved to Saturday evenings. However, on the new day, Darmaduman’s ratings were not good.

Fox TV, which removed the Mahkum (Prisoner) and the Kusursuz Kiracı (Perfect Tenant) from the air, acted hastily for these two productions, and even if they were replaced by other productions, it was seen that they did not give good enough results.

As a result, Fox TV management seems more willing to continue their series despite the low ratings this season, due to the mistake they made last season.

The cancellation of productions that provide audience loyalty with an early finale can lead to very troublesome results. The process of Fox TV’s abandonment of a TV series with large expenditures and strong promotional campaigns in 5 episodes is not over yet, but it is observed that the channel officials have learned a lesson and are trying to be more tolerant.

This difference also attracted attention immediately, and this time the hearts of the audience started to be won with the support given to the TV series that were expected to be cancelled.