Series News Hilmi Cem İntepe is returning to television series again, his fans do not want to be sad again!

Hilmi Cem İntepe is returning to television series again, his fans do not want to be sad again!


Hilmi Cem İntepe has many fans who love both his personality and his different stance in acting. Hilmi Cem İntepe, who took part in one project after another after gaining fame, has taken important steps in a 10-year period since 2013.

The actor, who started his journey with the character of Yavuz in the TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century), gained experience in the TV series Çalıkuşu, got his big breakthrough with the character of Kelebek in the Bodrum Masalı project.

The actor, who gained a wide fan base with his character Yiğit in the youth TV series Tek Yürek, also rapidly increased his popularity.

The actor, whom we watched in the television series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm, Maria ile Mustafa and then Tetikçinin Oğlu, was disappointed by the short duration of these projects, despite the desire of his fans.

Especially the series Maria ile Mustafa started very ambitiously, but fell victim to not getting strong ratings in 2020. Hilmi Cem İntepe, who appeared as a guest actor in the Tetikçinin Oğlu series last season, also appeared in the digital series Yeşilçam, which was broadcast on Blu TV in 2021.

We can say that the new series Altın Kafes (Golden Cage) will be a brand new beginning for Hilmi Cem İntepe, whose fans have been asking him to appear on the screen with more effective roles and expecting new leaps in his career since the TRT1 series Tek Yürek.

The cast of the series called Altın Kafes, where the drama-filled story of lovers named Onur and Zeynep will be told; It has a remarkable cast including Aytaç Şaşmaz, Şifanur Gül, Ebru Cündübeyoğlu, Hayal Köseoğlu, Kaan Turgut, Sümeyra Koç and Sadice Taşaner.

Hilmi Cem İntepe will also take part in the story of the series with the character of Cihan, and his fans very much want this project to be long-lasting.