Series News How did Benim Hayatım on Star TV start in the ratings?

How did Benim Hayatım on Star TV start in the ratings?

One of Star TV’s new ratings hopes in the new season is the Benim Hayatım series. The first episode of the series, which started broadcasting on Sunday evenings, did not get good results in the ratings.

Starring Genco Özak, Savaş Özdemir and Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, the series tells the story of a young girl’s survival. The series, which is a drama project, received various criticisms on social media. Some viewers shared comments stating that they liked it, while others stated that the story was not very good.

So how did the ratings of the series come? The first episode rating is of great importance for any production. On behalf of Star TV, we need series that will bring good ratings in the new season. However, the first episode rating of Benim Hayatım will not satisfy anyone.

The series, which received well below average ratings, was a great disappointment. The series, which can be ranked 12th in all people, finished the day 17th in the EU and 13th in ABC1.

It will be a big problem for Star TV that the TV series Benim Hayatım gets such low ratings. Because the channel management decided to end the TV series “Kazara Aşk” in the 13th episode, although it received similar ratings.

However, the series named Ada Masalı can continue on its way with slightly better results. There is hope of staying on the air, showing some elevation in the later chapters of Benim Hayatım.