How did Gülper Özdemir, the Gonca of the Gül Masalı series, share the same fate as her character in the series?
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29 September 2022 01:50


How did Gülper Özdemir, the Gonca of the Gül Masalı series, share the same fate as her character in the series?

Gülper Özdemir, the lead actress of the series Gül Masalı (Rose Tale), which meets with its audience every week on ATV screens during the summer season, appeared before the lens for the new issue of Şamdan Plus Magazine.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, actress Gülper Özdemir completed some of her education here and crowned this education with her acting education in Paris. Having completed her education at Truman State University in the USA, the beautiful actress also took the stage in both Turkish and German theaters over time.

The actress, who has given life to different characters in many theaters, movies and TV series, made striking statements in an interview with the magazine.

From the interview, it is understood that the series of Gül masalı has a special meaning in the life of the actress. Stating that the script came to her on her birthday, the actress said, “The interesting thing about this is that my character in the script also gets news on her birthday and her story begins that day. She goes to Isparta and stays there. In that respect, we actually shared the same fate with her.”

The fact that the character “Gonca”, played by the Gül Masalı, is chasing something and changing with the difficulties she has experienced in that journey, made the actress feel close to the character. On the other hand, the fact that the story is more of a women’s story also increased Gülper Özdemir’s excitement…

The actress expressed her outlook on life with the following words; “Life is never monotonous. It would have been very boring if he didn’t go anyway… Although the beginnings are exciting, I think it’s just as difficult. Because it is new. You never know what you will encounter. With hard work and patience, everything will find its way.”

Stating that sharp behavior is not for her, Gülper Özdemir said, “If it is something I want, I will do my best to correct the situation, I will be patient. I saw that I was starting to hurt myself, then I would go without thinking. In my 20s, I was very worried. It took a while to find out that it didn’t help. Now I look to the future with excitement. There is so much to do. There is much to learn. Life is Beautiful. As long as we don’t lose our joy of life and motivation,” she said.

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