Series News How is it that the Adım Farah series can’t get out of this rating pit!

How is it that the Adım Farah series can’t get out of this rating pit!


Those who watched the ratings of the Adım Farah (My name is Farah) series, starring Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek, cannot help but be surprised. The 9th episode of the remaining series has almost everything the audience is looking for.

The story is very exciting and not a cliché. The quality of the footage is very high. Dialogues and scenes flow very well. The lead actors Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek got along very well. The venues, decors, costumes and accessories of the series have been carefully selected. The progression of the story is also very satisfying and the acting performances are also very successful.

Apart from the two main actors; Valuable names such as Mustafa Avkıran, Ali Sürmeli, Senan Kara and Fırat Tanış also make important contributions to the project. So what’s up with these ratings? Many viewers do not want to believe the rating results when such a positive picture is evident.

In the 9th episode of the series, which was screened on Wednesday evening, April 26, the third place in ABC1 group with 5 ratios drew a good picture. However, the rates began to appear below the average in all individuals and AB groups that were more important than the ABC1 group.

It is surprising that, despite the strong appearance of Adım Farah, who progressed with triple ratings, the ratings it was able to achieve began to fall even below the average.

Series fans are also rebelling with their posts on social media. It did not go unnoticed that with its 9th episode, the series ranked seventh in the category of all people last night and was fourth in the AB.

While many were waiting for him to explode and fight with Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman) for the first place, Adım Farah was stuck in the middle of the series that couldn’t go up.