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6 July 2022 01:03


How lucky is Sera Kutlubey, the role that everyone was looking for in the TV series Kapımdaki Düşman

Sera Kutlubey is among the successful female actors of the last period. The actress, who attracted attention with her performance of Cemre in the TV series Zalim İstanbul (Cruel İstanbul), later appeared in 13 episodes in the Hercai series. Sera Kutlubey, who has not been on the screen for a long time, will delight her fans with her new project.

The actress, who started her career in 2016, won the admiration of the audience with the character of Seher in the TV series named İsimsizler (Untitled), after attracting attention in the TV series Babam ve Ailesi (My Father and Family).

However, the Zalim Istanbul series gave the actress a career jump. Sera Kutlubey, who gained a large fan base in a short time, is now coming to surprise her fans with her new series Kapımdaki Düşman (The Enemy at My Door).

The new TV series by Medyapım has a story full of betrayals and intrigues. The equivalent of the name Kapımdaki Düşman in the TV series is the character Damla, to be played by Sera Kutlubey.

The character of Damla will also be the mistress of her best friend’s wife, and this secret will cause tragic events in the later parts of the series.

İsmail Demirci in the character of Doruk and Hatice Şendil in the character of Ceyda take the leading roles. Doruk and Ceyda are a married couple. Tested with betrayal, Doruk is the general manager of his wife’s company and at the same time, his wife’s best friend Damla is his mistress…

The character of Damla, whom Ceyda thinks as her close friend, is at the key point of the story. This creates an opportunity for Sera Kutlubey to showcase her talents and convey different emotions to the audience. It is also known that many actors seek such troublesome roles and see it as a good experience opportunity.

Sera Kutlubey’s successful performance in the character of Damla will not surprise anyone. The Kapımdaki Düşman series, bearing the signature of Medyapım, will meet with the audience on Fox TV. The preparations for the series continue and reading rehearsals are also being done. This means that shooting will begin soon.

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