Series News How were the ratings of the 1st episode of the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu? Here are the surprising results!

How were the ratings of the 1st episode of the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu? Here are the surprising results!


It is curious how the first episode of the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu (Shooter’s Son), whose first episode was broadcast on the Fox TV screen on Tuesday evening, achieved results in the ratings. Fans of the series especially want to see the reflection of this action-packed project in the audience, in which two powerful names such as Timuçin Esen and Şevket Çoruh take the lead.

In the social media environment, the TV series “Tetikçinin Oğlu” was met with great interest. It was an important development that the series was on the agenda in the first episode. However, things seem more difficult in terms of ratings.

It is not easy for Fox TV’s Tetikçinin Oğlu series to make a strong debut against the Show TV series, which has recently made a big break like the Aile (Family).

On Tuesday evenings, when important productions such as Ben Bu Cihana Sığımazam (I Can’t fit in This World), Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters) and Yürek Çıkmazı (Heart Impasse) were broadcast, the 1st episode ratings for the Tetikçinin Oğlu series still brought a good result.

It can be perceived as a good sign that the series reached average rates in all audience groups from the very first episode. The Tetikçinin Oğlu TV series started its screen life with 4 ratings. This is a point that many ambitious series still cannot reach.

The series won the 7th place in the category of all people with its 1st episode. Finishing the AB group in the 4th place, the Fox TV series is in the 6th place on ABC1.

We can evaluate that this ranking is not bad, but it cannot be considered as a very strong start, but it is still a successful first episode performance in the current environment.

However, it must be admitted that there is a high probability of getting better ratings for such an action-packed series with so many important names. This situation may also be a harbinger of the rating changes to be experienced in the coming weeks.

Because the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu had an average start that wasn’t bad but couldn’t be called very good either. It seems highly likely that this situation will change positively in the upcoming episodes and that the series will spread to a wider audience.