All Series How will the serial version of the movie Ah Nerede will be, who will take part?

How will the serial version of the movie Ah Nerede will be, who will take part?


One of the films that left its mark on Yeşilçam’s most glorious periods is the movie “Ah Nerede Vah Nerede”. This cult film, which has been broadcast on television screens many times and is watched with interest every time it is broadcast, is now on its way to becoming a series…

A while ago, information began to fall on the backstage about the series version of the unforgettable movie Ah Nerede, which brought together Tarık Akan and Gülşen Bubikoğlu at the peak of their fame in the 70s. Along with this exciting development, new information continues to come.

It was also learned that the production of the serial version of the film, which left its mark on Turkish cinema, would be undertaken by 10.Ev, founded by Suavi Doğan and Kerem Çatay. After the broadcasting rights of the film were purchased from the heirs of Orhan Aksoy and Sadık Şendil, the work began.

It was also mentioned that Demet Özdemir was interviewed for the role of Gülşen Bubikoğlu, regarding the series where the preparations for the script were continuing. However, these claims were not confirmed afterwards. It is not yet clear who will play the roles of Tarık Akan and Gülşen Bubikoğlu in the series.

However, it was learned that two master names joined the cast of the series. Ayşe Kökçü and Tarık Pabuççuoğlu, these master names who will take part in the TV series Ah Nerede…

These two names came to the fore while the work on the project was ongoing. It is stated that it is agreed with Tarık Papuçcuoğlu and Ayşe Kökçü for the series.

In the movie, which was shot in 1975, Hulusi Kentmen played the father of Ferit, played by Tarık Akan. In the serial version, Tarık Pabuççuoğlu will play the role of Kentmen… Pabuçcuoğlu last appeared on the screen in 2018 with the Gülperi series.

Ayşe Kökçü, another finalized actress of the series Ah Nerede, was known for the TV series Bizimkiler and Yazlıkçılar, which left their mark on the history of the domestic series. The master actress of theater origin will play Ferit’s mother, brought to life by Şükriye Atav, in Ah Nerede.

Kübra Sülün and Meryem Demirli wrote the script for the series, directed by Bülent İşbilen. The names that will play the leading roles are eagerly awaited.

Yeşilçam’s popular actors such as Gülşen Bubikoğlu, Halit Akçatepe, Adile Naşit and Hulusi Kentmen were starring in the movie Ah Nerede, which takes its name from the very famous song of Füsun Önal at that time.

The theme of the movie was:

The three sons of a landlord from Bursa, who are studying in Istanbul, lead a life contrary to what their families know. While the eldest son Ferit (Tarık Akan), who studies at the medical faculty, is engaged to a girl from his countryman, he is chasing womanizer with the advantage of his handsomeness, while the middle son Murat (Halit Akçatepe), who studies at the pharmacy faculty, is a complete gambler. The youngest son, Ömer (Cengiz Nezir), an engineering student, is in the middle of the political events of the period. Their children, who are “dizzy from being in the classroom”, know that their families will graduate soon. Events develop when their families learn about the real situation of their children.