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4 July 2022 01:06


İbrahim Çelikkol told what kind of a father he was!

İbrahim Çelikkol, the famous actor who joined the cast of the “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova” series, which has been at the top of the ATV screens for three seasons, is in Adana for the shooting of the series. The famous actor, who will portray the character of “Hakan Gümüşoğlu” in the series, is longing with his son when he comes to Istanbul from Adana.

Çelikkol, who shared his photo with his son Ali on his Instagram account, wrote, “We finally got together”. İbrahim Çelikkol, who married architect Mihre Mutlu in 2017, became a father in 2019. Answering the questions of Sonat Bahar from Sabah Newspaper, the famous actor also made candid statements about his feelings when he became a father and his family.

As a man who lost his father at a young age and became a father to his family, the actor said that his relationship with his son formed the basis of his relationship with his own father, adding, “I am very lucky to be the son of a man like my father. I saw the finer points of being a father in him. I’m sure if we could spend more time, he would teach and learn much more, but even this much is my best guide for my son. The thing we value most in my relationship with my son Ali is love. I try to pour my unconditional love and compassion into him as much as possible. To understand and be understood. These are our heaviest stones in our father-son relationship.”

İbrahim Çelikkol answered the question, “What responsibilities are on you regarding your son Ali?” as follows; “It’s ‘fatherhood’. Unconditional and unlimited love. Whoever you ask may say different things, but this is a responsibility that is indispensable. I can be supportive in areas that I think I know. Like sports, like being in contact with nature, for example. But other than that, I can say that I am a good student in experiencing life with my son.”

In the interview, the famous actor explained that he had similar tastes with his wife; “We were able to become spouses because we both had similar excitements about life and way of living,” he said.

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