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5 July 2022 11:44


Young mother Didem Balçın is back on the field!

Didem Balçın, who played ‘Selcan Hatun’ in the ‘Kuruluş Osman’ series, became a mother last April. The beautiful actress, who took theater and TV series together before the pandemic, returned to her old tempo. Continuing to raise her son Alican, Balçın counts the days to meet both the TV series audience and theater lovers. The new play of DasDas Sahne, of which Balçın is one of the founders, has also been announced.

Balçın will take a role in the play ‘Deli Bayram’, adapted from Turgut Özakman’s play ‘Deliler’, which was penned and staged in 1987 and attracted great attention. The play, which will look for an answer to the question “What if the crazy game were played today and all the characters take over DasDas?”, will meet with the audience on October 1st.

The actress shared a photo from her Instagram account, writing, “This is the picture of my return to the field”. Balçın wrote the following in her post; “Deli Bayram”, one of the new season productions of DasDas, continues with rehearsals! Crazy Day is on #DasDas on 1/2/3/18 and 25 October, tickets are on sale at @mobilet! There are some things that never fade away in the shadow of time. Most of all, the things we loved as children stay with you. Just like the Ostrich Cabaret that a viewer wants to watch dozens of times.

If Turgut Özakman’s ‘Crazy’ game, which was written by her in 1987, was played today… What would happen if all the characters took over DasDas? Even if all these crazy people turn around once in a while and wink to the 1980s? You will find the answers to all these questions in #DasDas’ new game ‘Deli Feast’ and you will experience the power of comedy years later. That’s what the crazy people were saying, ‘Some build pickles, some build factories. But we are crazy, we dream’.”

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