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3 July 2022 17:36


It became difficult to recognize Gizem Karaca, who changed her image for the Alparslan series, on the street!

Famous actress Gizem Karaca joined the cast of the TV series Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu, which will blow like a storm in the new season on the TRT1 screen.

Gizem Karaca, who normally lives in natural life with her husband in Izmir, comes to Istanbul as projects become more frequent and continues her work here. Returning to Izmir after the projects are over, the actress has been continuing her life in this way in recent years.

Gizem Karaca, who made a deal for the Alparslan Great Seljuk series, which is expected to attract a lot of attention on the TRT1 screen in the new season, also renewed its image. The actress, who dyed her hair blonde, said in her interview that people on the street could not recognize her.

Gizem Karaca, who says “I’m not well known like that”, is not bothered by this situation. The actress, who also took part in the movie called 50 Words Letters with İlker Kızmaz, also shares her new image on her social media account.

Although Gizem Karaca looks different to her fans with her blonde hair, many of her followers commented that they liked her very much.

The famous actress braided her hair and shared her latest version on her Instagram account. Gizem Karaca said, “We are starting a project and we wanted to go out again with a very different image. She plays an alien character. Period series, Alparslan period. By Byzantium, I will portray an ambitious woman who wants to be an empress.”

Explaining that she is trying to get used to her new hair, Gizem Karaca also stated that she took horse riding training.

You can watch Gizem Karaca’s statement about the movie with İlker Kızmaz in the video below.

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