Didem Balçın is back to The Ottoman
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23 March 2023 03:42


Didem Balçın is back to The Ottoman

Didem Balçın gives life to the character of Selcan Hatun, who is also included in the story of Resurrection Ertugrul. Famous actress is one of the rare names who switched to The Ottoman after the first story.

Selcan Hatun’s character was at the forefront in the first season of The Ottoman. In the second season, it is time for Didem Balçın, who initially announced that she would not appear in the series, but would join the story later. This time, however, there is a difference, the character will be in front of the audience with an age.

The 33rd new episode of the The Ottoman series will be broadcast tonight. The return of Selcan Hatun, seen in the shared trailer, made the fans of the series very happy. The actress also released the trailer on her Instagram account and shared the joy of returning with her fans.

Didem Balçın will continue to be in the series from the 33rd episode. Selcan Hatun, known for her courage and warrior, will be dragged into new adventures. Here is the share of Didem Balçın with the joy of returning to the series:

“Yesttt… Excitement is at its peak once more for me .. #selcanhatun is even older now; his sword is still in sheath… ”

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