New series excitement of Deniz Çakır fans
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30 March 2023 11:39


New series excitement of Deniz Çakır fans

The fans of the famous actress Deniz Çakır are very excited… It was revealed that the actrebb had a new series name.

The story of the series prepared by Gold Film is written by Sırma Yanık… There is a preparatory phase in which the search for actors for the series continues… The story of the series that will sit on the director’s chair of Ömür Atay is also eagerly awaited.

Deniz Çakır was sent from the TV series “Grand Family” in the autumn of 2018, citing her personal life. This situation still stands on one end of the minds of the fans, and the injustice is being expressed on social media.

The actress later starred with Erkan Petekkaya in the TV series Vurgun. However, the series lasted only 6 episodes and was removed from the ratings.

For 2 years, Deniz Çakır fans longingly await the actress to take part in a strong series. Although there is not much detail about the new series, even the emergence of the lead role has increased the excitement.

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