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20 August 2022 08:37


İçerde, Çukur ve Üç Kuruş! Ay Yapım projects are like lottery for Uğur Yıldıran!

Actor Uğur Yıldıran was born in 1981 in Istanbul. Yıldıran Filinta, who started acting after working in the background of the series, attracted attention with the character of Garbis in the series named Filinta.

Uğur Yıldıran, whom we watched as Selim in the TV series İçerde, gave life to the character of Kemal in Çukur. We continue to see Uğur Yıldıran in Üç Kuruş, which is the continuation of these two productions.

These three TV series, signed by Ay Yapım, are actually known as continuation projects. The producer has already made a strong communication campaign to give this image. Uğur Yıldıran, who managed to take part in all three TV series, immediately draws attention.

The actor plays the character named Şesu and impresses with his successful performance. Saying that they continue to shoot intensely, the actor was also seen for the first time with his new girlfriend.

Uğur Yıldıran, who is holding hands with his girlfriend who is an announcer, was caught on camera with his cheerful moods. Stating that everything was going well in his life, the actor also mentioned that there was a great deal of intensity in the shooting of the series.

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