İlker Aksum opened after Ramo and took part in consecutive projects!
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23 March 2023 05:25


İlker Aksum opened after Ramo and took part in consecutive projects!

The famous actor İlker Aksum is one of the most sought-after experienced actors of recent years. The actor, who appeared on the screen last season with the character of Hasan, who he portrayed in the TV series Ramo, recently made new project agreements in a row.

After the finale of the Ramo series, the actor shot a movie called UFO in Adana and even had an accident on his way to this city, and then took part in other sets without resting.

İlker Aksum, who appeared in the movie Demirkadin Neslican, also stated that they made a romantic comedy movie with Tuba Ünsal. The actor, who was seen with his cousin in a shopping mall, also announced that he will appear in the Mevlana series prepared for TRT’s digital channel.

İlker Aksum said that he could not go on vacation and that life was too expensive. The actor said, “Do you realize how expensive Istanbul is, life is expensive. I think that the situation of being expensive in summer houses is normal,” he said. The actor stated that he sees the expensiveness of summer venues as normal due to the great losses experienced by businesses due to the pandemic for 2 years.

Ilker Aksum, stating that Emine Ün is his very old friend, denied the allegation that they had an affair. Stating that Emine Ün has been a friend of hers for 22 years, the actor stated that he did not pay any attention to the rumors about them.

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